Two doors and nine children!

Just received the Polish translation of The Family with Two Front Doors and when I put the Polish title – Dwoje drzwi i dziewięcioro dzieci  – into Google translate, it tells me the words mean Two doors and nine children.

Not a bad title!

Polish edition
Polish edition

The Polish translation is supposed to be coming out in April. That will be a dream come true for me as this will be a way for Polish children, and their parents and teachers, to learn and understand something about the Jewish people who made up 30% of the Polish population before the Holocaust.


Published by Anna Ciddor

author and illustrator

2 thoughts on “Two doors and nine children!

  1. Great book. The deep story behind the book really grasped my heart. I cant believe that she had to marry at 15.

    Loved it
    Kind regards
    Bella Teran

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