52 Mondays

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‘We’re going to look everywhere,’ said Anna.

And they did.

When Anna sets out to find the doll of her dreams, her two younger sisters are eager to help. But it’s not easy. This is 1960s Australia and there’s no computer or internet yet. This is a time when teachers still write with chalk, cars have no seatbelts, and Mr Whippy sells ice cream cones for half a penny.

3 sistersAnna and her sisters fill their days with fun, mischief and adventure – like the time Anna glues a block of wood to her middle sister’s foot, then worries it will be stuck there forever! They celebrate birthdays and Passover together, cope with friends being mean, and feed peanuts to the bears at the zoo.

But through it all, Anna never loses sight of her dream.


Allen and Unwin, March 2019


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‘A delightful story which I consumed in one sitting and as well as allowing readers a glimpse into a childhood spent in a family of a different culture, also invites a closer knowledge of daily life in a long ago decade when … children were not just satisfied but excited by far less in the way of outings and material possessions and family life was valued. Highly recommended to readers from around eight years upwards.’ (Sue Warren from Just So Stories)

‘It is a lovely story about life in Melbourne … I love the cover art as well!’ (Anna Davidson, Head of Junior School Library, Carey Baptist Grammar School)

Behind the story

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