52 Mondays

52 Mondays draft cover
Draft cover – sneak preview!

3 sisters


  • Bubby who wants to be a cat (and eats her meals from a bowl on the floor)
  • Mirabelle who looks like the quiet one (but treads on bees in her bare feet)
  • And Anna, the eldest, who dreams of owning a rare antique doll, and leads them all on a seemingly impossible quest through Melbourne, Australia, in the 1960s.

TRAVEL BACKĀ to a time before computer games, internet and mobile phones, and giggle along with Anna, Mirabelle and Bubby as they conjure up every-day adventures with laughter, love and imagination

Note: In the final version of the cover, some of the images in the coloured boxes will be changed, but this is a sneak preview.

Visit the Photo gallery for a peak at the true world behind the book…

To be published by Allen and Unwin on 1 March 2019

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