Welcome to my story world…

Uncover the secret life of an author! Find out where I get my ideas and how I turn them into books.

Take a peek at my newest book, A Message Through Time (Allen and Unwin, April 2023). A pacey and action-packed time-slip adventure that carries step-siblings Felix and Zoe back to Ancient Roman times – and also, accidentally, drags a Roman girl into the present.

Find out all about The Boy Who Stepped Through Time. What happens when a holiday to the south of France turns into a trip back to ancient Roman times? This totally believable time-change book will carry you into a past full of excitement and laughter that you will never want to leave. “Once again Anna Ciddor has crafted an historical narrative that will both entertain her readers with humour, drama, terrific characters and exciting storylines, and inform them with fascinating, and no doubt, previously unknown facts about life in Ancient Rome.”

Take a peek at 52 Mondays, the story of three sisters who live in Melbourne, Australia, in the 1960s. The eldest is called Anna, just like me…

Find out the truth behind The Family with Two Front Doors, an extraordinary tale about a Jewish family of nine children who lived in 1920s Lublin in Poland

Discover the world of the Viking Magic books, Runestone, Wolfspell and Stormriders where a mark scratched in stone can take away pain, or a boy can turn into a lynx