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Anna Ciddor has written and illustrated nearly 60 books, both fiction and non-fiction

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Night of the Fifth Moon

In the time of the druids

Deep in the forest

Six seek the power

But only one can be chosen

Ket is desperate to learn the druid’s secrets – to predict the future from the stars, to understand the raven’s cry, to speak words of power that can halt a battle.

But five other fosterlings are competing against him, and at each new moon one of them must be sent away. Friendships are strained to breaking point as they all try to impress the druid. By the night of the fifth moon, only one will remain.

Set in ancient pagan Ireland, this is one of the most unusual and intriguing tales you will ever read. Winner Notable Book Award from Children’s Book Council of Australia, 2008. Available as an ebook, or Contact the author

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1000 Great Places to Travel with Kids in Australia

Family holiday planning made easy! A host of fabulous facts and intriguing questions are included to keep the whole family happy. Purchase online

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