Tamara’s secrets

As the historical researcher for The Boy Who Stepped Through Time and A Message Through Time, I felt a buzz of excitement every time my phone beeped with another question from Anna. How could I discover the answer for her to use in the story? The works of many researchers guided me to clues hidden in primary sources, the traces the Romans themselves left behind: an ancient painting, or a poem, or a Roman rubbish tip!  Here, I have written down where I hunted, and what I discovered.

Tamara Lewit

(Honorary Fellow, School of Historical and Philosophical Studies, the University of Melbourne)

The Boy Who Stepped Through Time secrets

A Message Through Time secrets

More about my research journey

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I would like to warmly thank all the Roman historians and archaeologists from around the world who generously shared with me their knowledge and invaluable advice, particularly Maddalena Bassani, Jacques Bérato, Paul Burton, Alexandra Chavarría, Robyn Cooper, Arnaud Coutelas, Ash Green, Mary Harlow, Luc Long, Stéphane Martin, Tim Parkin, Yolanda Peña Cervantes, Eric Poehler, Hervé Pomarèdes, Richard Reece, Delphine Remeau, Dimitri Van Limbergen and Andrew Wilkinson; my son Lucas, who helped with the translation of many Latin texts; and Alexandra Moreau from the Château de Saint Martin who so kindly responded to my emails and took many photos for us.